We envision a care system in which children are in safe, engaging environments that fit their family needs with caregivers who are fairly compensated and treated with respect. 


Care for Kids is a project of Voices for Utah Children. Our goal is to uplift the voices of parents, providers, and caregivers who depend on a well-functioning, affordable, sustainable system of care for children. Our purpose is to educate advocates, policymakers, and government officials on the state of child care and the reforms necessary to create a thriving system that supports children, families, and educators.


Utah’s mixed-delivery system for child care provides critical educational and developmental opportunities for thousands of children while their parents work in and serve their communities. High-quality, affordable, and accessible child care is critical public infrastructure, on par with housing and roads. Without sufficient quality child care, Utah cannot grow in ways that produce positive economic and community outcomes. The child care sector is in market failure, with families and child care providers no longer able to sponsor the countless positive externalities created by this important public resource. Our current approach to child care is antiquated, unsustainable and inequitable. To best serve children and families throughout our state, we must commit to reforming and investing in our child care system.

Our efforts to reform Utah’s child care system must:

1. Center the well-being of children

2. Support the families that use child care

3. Respect the professionals who provide care to children

4. Integrate child care into our communities

5. Consider potential impacts on future generations of Utah families

For more information about Care for Kids and grassroots advocacy, contact Brigette Weier at careforkidsnetwork@gmail.com. For questions on child care policy, please contact Jenna Williams at jenna@utahchildren.org.