Utah families deserve care for kids that is affordable, accessible, and meets kids' needs.

We have a big problem with child care in Utah.

Families can't afford to pay for the child care they need. Child care programs are struggling to stay open and pay their workers. And there isn't enough child care to serve the families who need it in order to go to work.

Care for Kids is a project of Voices for Utah Children, with the goal of educating policymakers and the general public about Utah's child care system, and the serious problems it faces. This website is meant to be a resource for those who are serious about creating real solutions that help Utah families get the child care they need.

Long before the COVID pandemic, Utah's child care system was struggling. Now we face a huge crisis: when federal COVID money runs out, there will be even less child care that is affordable and accessible. The impacts on Utah children, their family and our economy could be catastrophic.

Families can’t afford to pay. Providers can’t afford to stay.

There has to be another way.


Average Annual Cost for Infant Care: $9,556

Average Annual Cost for Toddler Care: $8,081

Utah is one of 33 states where infant care is more expensive than college.


Average Annual Provider Wage in Utah: $10.47/hour ($20,940/year)

On average, child care providers make less than dog walkers.

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How does child care work in Utah? Why should everyone care about child care? Why does it cost so much? Why is it so hard to find?

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